Dates: 29th October - 14th November
Location: Target Wall, Rundle Street

City environments are awash with advertising. Billboards are the frames, advertisements the art and the cityscape the gallery.

By combining all these elements in a projected vision, SHOOT will aim to provoke the people of Adelaide in becoming more aware of what the visual language around us is communicating.

SHOOT is a collective of new-photo media artists who stage innovative and perceptive art exhibitions and events in unconventional locations.

The key philosophy of SHOOT is the belief that art should be accessible to all people and not be restricted by environments. SHOOT aims to bring visual art ‘to’ the audience and encourage a greater interaction by utilising publicly accessible locations. SHOOT also values the exploration of new media and the development of alternate ways to exhibit photographic, digital and new-media artworks.

Their previous exhibitions include

Projector 2004
Synaesthesia 2003
HeadShot 2003
Room Service 2002
Shoot 2002
Rocket @ The Fringe Hub 2002

Enquiries contact Edward on 0421 971 517 or email [email protected]

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