Dates: 30th July to 20th August 2004
Location: 25 Leigh Street

On a consumer roller-coaster - chained to the trolleys - muzak chants of freedom -
this shopfront video-projection toys with the weekly ritual of grazing the aisles.

Gazing into a shop front window the audience becomes imprisoned behind the bars of a giant shopping trolley – racing through the choices of a consumer life cycle, aboard a cart on the endless journey – down the aisles, past the checkout and around the car park before heading back to the queue. The video loop creates a ‘joy-ride’ sensation, enhanced by muzak and muffled sounds of hundreds of people chanting ‘freedom, freedom’.

With this work we want to bridge the gap between the personal and public sphere by inversing in-side out – we also magnify the absurd fleeting images of random products to create a child’s perspective and provoke forgotten memories of our early confinement in shopping trolleys and play pens.
We employ these changes in perspective as playful provocations to rethink consumerism and shop for unexpected exits.
What do you REALLY want?

Jennifer Lyons-Reid & Carl Kuddell are working with a variety of art forms: graphic design, performance, sculpture, multimedia and filmmaking. Currently they are focusing on experimental + political documentaries and thought provoking moving image projections, to transform public space.

Recent works include:
‘Invasion Affairs – Uncle Kevin vs the Queen’ (Aus 2004, satirical 26min doco about Arabunna Elder Kevin Buzzacott as the ‘Minister for Invasion Affairs’)
‘a cheap holiday in other peoples misery’ (SALA 2003, 7min video-projection/interactive installation on enclosures + privilege, set to the national anthem)
‘Holiday Camp’ (Aus 2002, 47 min doco about Australia’s refugee politics, screened in over 250 festivals + events globally)

contact: [email protected]

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