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Dates: June to September 2004
Location: Target wall, Rundle Street

The installation explores the tensions between the built and natural environments and aims at disrupting perceptions of architectural function; the virtual transformation of this rigid surface into a liquid organic form provides new possibilities for how it might function as a host for organic forces. This simulated harmony between the built and natural environments represents a key issue when considering issues relating too sustainability and urban existence

The most dominant feature of the site is a large illuminated ‘TARGET’ sign mounted on the face of building. If we consider this word outside our familiarity with its retail context, a provocative discourse exists between this text and the building. Given the current perceived vulnerability of architecture in an age of global terrorism, I wanted to respond and draw attention to what is an ironically relevant statement, considering current global events.

Craig Walsh is a Brisbane based installation artist who has exhibited and collaborated both nationally and internationally. Primarily interested in hybrid/ site-specific projects and the exploration of alternative contexts for contemporary art, his work often utilizes projection in response to existing environments and contexts. He has working across many platforms including theatre, architecture, public works and gallery exhibitions. Craig has been awarded international residencies and exhibited throughout Asia. He has a long history of produced work for festival environments including Livid, Woodford folk festival, Womad, Splendor in The grass, Sydney Festival, Brisbane Festival, Tollwood festival (Germany) and The QLD Biennial Festival of Music. He has recently completed a range of permanent public art works incorporating projection, Sculpture and photography. He has curated, managed and participated in a range of temporal public art projects, the most recent being a major projection work for The Arts House at The Old Parliament House in Singapore.

Recent completed installations include Cross-Reference in The Adelaide Biennial of Australian Art, Humanature in The Havana Biennale, Cuba and a commissioned video artwork as part of ARTV for ACMI &SBS television. He is a finalist in the 2004 Queensland design awards and received the Art and Architecture award in the 2003 Queensland Architecture awards. He is currently working on a range of permanent and temporal projects.

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