From June through to November 2004, LUMINOSITY brings contemporary projection artworks out of the gallery and into unexpected and unusual places, using city buildings and shop fronts as new arenas for public art. Two major new works by national projection artists, Craig Walsh(Qld.), and Cicada(Vic) were commissioned along with three new works by South Australian artists. Local new media artists, Jennifer Lyons-Reid and Carl Kuddel, SHOOT artists collective, and James Geurts are featured in the Luminosity Program.

Amensal is an interactive installation work by Cicada, which is currently screening in the windows of 265 Rundle Street, Adelaide. It explores the delicate balancing act that unfolds when nature ventures into the city, through the image of giant lichen growing across windows reacting and changing to the presence of passers by and street noise. Cicada is the creative partnership between Nick Ritar and Kirsten Bradley.

The SHOOT artists collective will re-screen their large-scale projection ‘Metrospective’ which was recently stolen by thieves from the projection site on the roof of the Southern Cross Arcade Building. Metrospective addresses the visual landscape we occupy through a constantly changing collage of consumerist images which are peeled away to create new combinations of visual language. Metrospective will screen on the Target Wall in October 2004.

James Geurts is a nationally recognised artist who recently exhibited in the 2004 Adelaide Biennial of Australian Art (AGSA). He will present ‘Limbo’, an experimental video which explores the suspended identity of a tree as a commodity or as a life support system in a contemporary context. Limbo follows the repetition and breaking down of a tree, as it becomes part of a structured industrial barcode. Check it out on the wall of the target Building on Rundle Street

Jennifer Lyons-Reid & Carl Kuddell presented ‘Human Pastures’, a shop front video projection in Leigh Street, West End during SALA Festival 2004. Their projection work toyed with the weekly ritual of grazing the aisles.

“The balance between the built and natural environments is a key issue when considering sustainability and life in the City.” - Craig Walsh

Temporary Lodgings was the first of five Projection Artworks to be presented in the Adelaide CBD.


Local artists developed their works at the Projection Art Masterclass with renowned new media artist CRAIG WALSH (Qld). The Masterclass was exclusively for SA artists with a high degree of experimentation, encouraging the participants to re-interpret the surrounding city through the projected image.

The masterclass participants were:

Michael Sin-Yuen
Jennifer Lyons-Reid
Carl Kuddell
Annemarie Kohn
Ed James
Lynne Sanderson
Gerhard Hillmann
James Geurts
Brian Deggar
Clint Woodger

LUMINOSITY is a new public art program presented by Adelaide City Council in association with the Capital City Committee and delivered by the Australian Network for Art & Technology. The public is invited to have their say about the LUMINOSITY projections. The dedicated SMS feedback number is via 0400 635 551.

The Green City Program
The Green City Program, a priority initiative of the Capital City Committee, aims to build on the strength of Adelaide as a clean and green city to ensure that we are sustainable.  Its aim is for the City of Adelaide to be a visible, sustainable core for metropolitan Adelaide.  The program is bold and experimental and we look to connect our City with other cities internationally – we want to be internationally recognised as a sustainable city by 2010.In order to do this we need to highlight our talents through iconic projects such as Luminosity. The Green City Program seeks to stimulate discussion across a broad cross section of the community through the projection of artworks onto the built environment to communicate important messages of sustainability.

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